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Welcome to Conrad Alois. We work with you to develop and deliver transformative business results.


At Conrad Alois, our goal is to help you move forward. We help craft strategies, work through problems, and develop innovative solutions. As business advisors with entrepreneurial roots, we understand the unique challenges you face.

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What we do


We look at every business operation holistically. As advisors, we have assisted a diverse client mix for over twenty years. We work with business leaders looking to start up, grow, scale, reorganize, and sell/exit plan.

Advising & Leadership Coaching
Achieving Strategic Execution

Hit a reflection point in your business? We understand, have been there, and are here to help you through it. We provide our clients with perspective, value-driven inputs, and proven processes to set the focus and realize goals.

Our objective is to provide business leaders with exceptional value. Our leadership advisory and coaching services are offered on a retained, month-to-month basis.  Our aim is to align with your operations and deliver outcomes.

There are no contracts, but we limit ourselves to 10 clients. Please send an email to to check on availability.

Change Management
Digital Adoption
Growth Management
Fractional CxO
Guiding Businesses to Success

As business leaders, we can often use extra hands and area expertise. We need a fiduciary approach but may not need a full-time executive to fill the role. Our fractional CxO services provide specific or generalized business operations guidance and practical business management help in culture, finance, operations, strategy, and technology.

If your business is flourishing or just getting started, and you earn less than $30m a year, you most likely do not need a specialized executive on your payroll. That is where we step in.

Department Development
Interim Management
Organizational Management
Stakeholder Representation
Business Exit - Sell Side Advisory
Realizing Value

Are you growing tired, thinking about stopping, or selling your business? Many business owners think about it but need help deciding how to proceed. We are here to help.

We know what it takes to successfully exit a business and how to derive the most value from the process. We work with you to understand your operations and your exit goals. We will evaluate your company, its operations, and the market to formulate an exit plan.

Buyer Alignment
Market Positioning
Seller Representation
Process Improvement
Value Creation
Leadership Independence
Developing Autonomous Business Operations

As business leaders, we often find ourselves stuck and overwhelmed. Wanting to do more, including pursuing other interests, we cannot disconnect from the business as it constantly demands our attention to keep it running sustainably.

If you cannot get away without things going bad or have grown exhausted from the day-to-day and don’t have time to pursue other interests, we are here to help you make it happen. We’ll work diligently with you to understand your business, issues, and current ambitions. We’ll help you create an action plan and work with you to integrate it.

Vision Development
Roles & Accountability Alignment
Operations Management
Process Creation
Who we are

A principal advisor with a highly skilled network of execution-driven resources.


Industry agnostic, with experience across a variety of business domains, our team members possess the knowledge, insight, and strategic thinking necessary to tackle even the most complex business challenges.

Mitchell C Morris
Mitchell Morris
Principal Advisor
What we stand for

Our values

Our core values serve as the compass that guides our every action. We are driven by a set of unwavering principles.

Continuous Improvement

We hold ourselves to uncompromising standards, pushing the boundaries of our expertise to consistently deliver exceptional results. Through continuous learning and staying in front of business advancements, we ensure that our clients receive innovative solutions that surpass expectations.

Client Fiduciary

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to understanding their unique needs, concerns, and goals, and tailoring our strategies accordingly. Our client-centric approach means that we listen attentively, provide personalized guidance, and advocate on their behalf.


Change is often complicated and takes an honest approach. We believe that open, honest, and transparent collaboration with our clients is the most effective and efficient path to sustainable outcomes.

Value Creation

The ability to develop our client resources and effectively match them with opportunities is at the heart of what we do. The core of any well-run business's value is to its customers and the basis of its valuation.

Stay informed

Our unique opinions and guidance on business ownership and executive leadership.


Short-form thought leadership pieces to provide you with the inspiration and the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.

Reach out

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Mitchell Morris
Principal Advisor